Our Team

Our Team

Brandon Sanders

Sales Manager

My role at Sauers:

I am the Sales and Marketing Manager here at The Sauers Group. I work closely with our sales team to ensure that we are exceeding customer expectations and continuously growing as individuals and collectively as a team. Like most of the team, I worked my way up through the ranks. I have been deeply ingrained with a large number of our clients during my tenure here. I take great pride in our commitment to not only printing, but being students of our customers business.

Favorite thing about Sauers:

It’s really two things… I love being involved on interesting projects and helping customers bring projects to life. Secondly, is the ‘what-ever it takes’ attitude. I’ve seen virtually impossible turn-times and difficult projects finished flawlessly, due to everyone’s commitment and teamwork. I’ve literally seen our Chairman and CEO, Rick Sauers back in the production plant working on job… when it was all-hands-on deck to deliver a promise to a customer, it’s ALL hands on deck.